[281 PP Hollow Profile Sheet Extrusion Line]

281 PP Hollow Profile Sheet Extrusion Line
Specification / Model No: 281
Content Specification
Main Extruder
Screw diameter Ø120mm
Screw L/D ratio 34:1
Barrel temperature control 7 zones
motor 215 HP made in Germany
Screen changer Hydraulic screen changer, made in Italy
Gear pump 1 set, made in Germany
T-Die width 2200 mm
Finished product width 1700 ~2000mm
Finished product thickness 2, 3, 4mm
Auto feeding system 1 set
Vacuum forming platform 1 set
First taking roller unit 1 set
Oven unit 1 set
Surface treatment (Corona) 1 set
Cooling apparatus 1 set
Edge-trimming crusher and gather barrel 1 set
Second taking off roller 1 set
Microcomputer auto-cutting machine 1 set
Stacker (Conveyer) 1 set
Electricity control system Adopt SSR and PLC control system
Total weight 40 tons approximately
Occupied ground area 33300mm×5600mm×2800mm (L×W×H)
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