[277 PET Sheet Extrusion Line]

277 PET Sheet Extrusion Line
Specification / Model No: 277
Content Specification
Screw diameter Ø120mm
Screw L/D ratio 35:1
Barrel temperature control 7 zones
Motor German “Siemens” motor 250 HP
Screen changer Hydraulic screen changer
Output 400kg/hr above
Gear Pump 1 set
T-Die width 1200 mm
Finished product width 1000 mm
Finished product thickness 0.2~1.5 mm
Temperature control 5 zones
Forming roller unit Ø400 × 3 pcs
Temperature controller 3 sets
Cooling apparatus 1 set
Taking off roller unit 1 set
Fixed two shafts center winder 1 set
Static electricity eliminator 1 set
Silicon liquid treater 1 set
Electricity control cabinet Adopt SCR and PLC control system
Gross weight 35 tons approximately
Occupied ground area 18000mm×5000mm×4200mm (L×W×H)
PS.We manufacture machinery to meet customers’ requirement.