[130 PC Hollow Profile Sheet Co-extrusion Line]

130 PC Hollow Profile Sheet Co-extrusion Line

Transparent PC hollow plate is a type of engineering plastic plate material with extremely good comprehensive performance, and a material widely applied internationally nowadays with high strength, good light permeation, sound isolation and energy saving properties. The hollow plates also have many advantages of lightweight, roughing and resisting to abrasion, moisture and corrosion proof, isolating from heat and vibration, and easy for processing.

The flexibility and plasticity of PC hollow plates make them an ideal material for domes and other curved surfaces. The minimum bending radius can be 175 times of the plate thickness(bending radius ?175 thickness).

Specification / Model No: 130
Update: 2004/06
Content Specification
Main extruder
Screw diameter 120mm
Screw L/D ratio 33:1
Barrel temperature control 7 zones
Motor 250 HP made in Italy
Screen changer 1 set
Gear pump 1 set
Static mixer 1 set
UV extruder
Screw diameter 35mm
Screw L/D ratio 28:1
Barrel temperature control 3 zones
Motor 20 HP
Screen changer 1 set
Gear pump 1 set
Static mixer 1 set
Feedblock 1 set
width 2200 mm
Product thickness 4, 6, 8,10 mm
Vacuum forming platform
Temperature controller 3 sets
First taking roller unit 1 set
Oven unit 1 set
Film laminating unit 1 set
Slitting unit 1 set
Second taking roller unit 1 set
Crosscutting unit 1 set
Stacker 1 set
Electricity control cabinet Adopt SSR and PLC system
Total weight 55 Tons approximately
Occupied ground area 30000mm×4125mm×2095mm(L×W×H)
PS. We can manufacture the machine depend on customer’s request.