[137 PP Sheet Extrusion Line]

137 PP Sheet Extrusion Line
Specification / Model No: 137
Update: 2003/10
Main Extruder
A Screw diameter 100mm
Screw L/D ratio 33:1
Barrel temperature control 5 zones
A Main motor 125HP
Capacity 250 kg / hr
Oil pressure Screen Changer 1 set
Gear Pump 1 set
T-DIE 1300 mm
Product Width 900~1100 mm
Product Thickness 0.2~2.0 mm main motor
Forming Roller Unit Ø410 x 3 pcs
Temperature controller 1 set
Corona Treatment Unit 1 set
Taking Roller Unit 1 set
Micro Computer Cutting Unit 1 set
Electric Controller Cabinet 1 set
Total Weight 35 Tons approximately
Occupied Ground Area 1700 mm x 4200 mm x 3300 mm (L x W x H)
PS.We can depend on customers' request to manufacture the machine.